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Imagine you are a doctor.

Doctor consulting patient with prescription bottle, horizontalYou know what to do and how to deal with your patients day in and day out. You intimately understand the procedures, medications, and treatments that allow them to move forward into their future. You are trained to heal the sick and you rely on your training to make life or death decisions.

But you are also a business-

smalland there will be “life and death” decisions made there as well – but you have far less training to deal with those. My Professional CFO offers you peace of mind when it comes to business formation, accounting, and wealth management. We also offer an individualized service that few others can match.



  • What is the right business model for me?
  • Where do I turn for help with financial planning services and year-end accounting tasks?
  • How do I put together an investment strategy that is right for my retirement years?

Left unanswered, these questions will keep you awake at night.

We provide common sense answers tailored to your personal situation and give you the peace of mind you seek so that you can sleep soundly each night.

My Professional CFO provides you with the expertise you need now to:

stay compliant,

deal with a variety of accounting issues, &

build your nest egg,

so retirement seems like a paradise, not a looming storm cloud. Physician financial planning can be tough in any economic climate, but today, there’s good reason to be concerned about your success. My Professional CFO offers you the comprehensive services necessary to create a solid foundation.

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