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Reduce self-employment taxes—increase retirement savings 

Jan 18, 2020

As an independent contractor physician, the most painful consequence of failing to properly establish yourself as a corporation is the annual overpayment of income and self-employment taxes.  Making the decision to incorporate not only reduces your annual tax burden but significantly increases the amount of retirement savings you can set aside each and every year.   …

6 ways Independent Contractors, Physicians and employees can lower taxes, protect assets fund retirement

Jan 18, 2020

6 Simple Ways Independent Contractor Physicians Can Secure Retirement Funds Early   As an Independent Contractor Physician, when you are at work, you are in complete control. In order to obtain that same complete control for the rest of your life, you need to first take a hard and detailed look at your finances. This means understanding how you’re …

How to increase your retirement savings as an Independent Contractor Physician

Jan 18, 2020

We know you’ve spent countless hours in classrooms and clinical training and have finally reached the point where you’re reaping the financial rewards for all your hard work. Now, after all those years, you find out that you must give more than half of everything you make to the government via income and self–employment taxes?    …