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Why Your LLC, Corp, PA, PC May Not Be Valid

You probably formed your company, whether it is a LLC / Corp / PA or PC, for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons may include protecting your personal assets, defining ownership if you have partners, or simply so you had a separate set of accounting records in the event you have employees or various retirement plans. How would you feel if someone were to tell you that this did not do the job you wanted, only because your entity was either not set up correctly in the first place, or that you have failed to properly maintain your entity? As an LLC / Corp / PA or PC, you have ongoing obligations that must be met in order to maintain your “corporate veil” of protection. Failure to do so will allow an attorney to “pierce the corporate veil” which can open you up to personal liability, and make your personal assets fair game to civil judgment. Read on to protect yourself from making this mistake.


The bylaws contain the most fundamental principles and rules regarding the nature of the corporation, and are generally the governing document. In simplistic terms, corporate bylaws define the Name, Objective, Members, Officers, Meetings, Executive board, Committees, and ability to make Amendments. Your corporation does not formally exist until bylaws have been adopted, unless otherwise provided by law.

Operating Agreements

LLC ́s are very flexible in nature and the operating agreement defines each member or manager’s rights, powers and entitlements. This includes capital accounts, membership interest, distributions of profit and allocated tax responsibility, just to name a few. This is an agreement agree to by the company members that contains provisions for critical items and rules that run the company. Operating agreements can be amended at anytime by the company members or managers; however, one is necessary to prove that any given member is indeed separate from the entity itself. Similar to corporate bylaws, the LLC does not formally exist until an operating agreement has been adopted by the members.

Fictitious Name Filing

This filing states that an entity other than a person will be doing business in a given county. While this may seem mundane, this is a requirement, and must be filed in a specific newspaper in the county in which you will be doing business. In addition, a similar filing must be made when you choose to close your business. Failure to file for a fictitious name can result in local fines and restrictions from obtaining necessary permits and licenses.

Board Meetings

If you want the protection provided by being a corporation, you actually have to act like a corporation. This means that you must vote on a board of directors, and actually document that you had meetings, what was discussed, and what you decided to act on. This is one of the first items an attorney will ask for when trying to piece the “corporate veil”. Make certain you do this on a regular basis, or get some assistance to make sure your board meeting minutes are produced, and kept in your corporate compliance book.

Annual Reports

Your corporate annual report is due the beginning of each year, and the due date varies from state to state. This form requires you to provide information on corporate officers and your registered agent. Failure to complete this form, and pay your annual renewal fee on a timely basis will result in your company being “administratively dissolved”. If you have any corporate debts, and you are administratively dissolved, you just became personally liable for those obligations, as your company no longer exists.

You spent a lot of time and effort to get your business started and making money. We all understand that you can get caught up in the day to day operations of your business, and lose track of some of the things that are required, but, do not generate sales for your business. So before you let too much time pass, and your company no longer exists, give us a call. We will work with you to bring your filings up to date, and make certain they are current on a going forward basis.

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